Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year. However, many people find themselves involved in legal situations that they did not anticipate. Many times based on alcohol or other reasons. For instance, it is one of the days with the highest incidence of Domestic Violence and Drunk Driving offenses.

Domestic Violence charges carry many levels of penalties. Some can be felonies if they occur around children or involve serious injury or a weapon of some sort. A person with a DV conviction will lose their rights to ever possess a firearm. Most will be served with a No Contact Order and may have to find a new place to live.

Drunk Driving is always a bad idea. I would not be surprised to see sobriety checkpoints set up around the area after the game is over. All drunk driving convictions require some sort of driver's license suspension. There will be some sort of drug or alcohol assessment and probably awareness classes. A person's insurance will skyrocket. If you have had a prior drunk driving conviction, you could face a felony and/or mandatory jail time. Make sure you have a plan to get home safely.

So, be responsible. Plan ahead. Most of all enjoy the Big Game !!